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Custom Birthday Apples

Custom Birthday Apples

Does your birthday person have a special interest in sports, wildlife, cartoon characters, or movies? We can design a special apple for the event. We produced a NASCAR apple for the son of a NASCAR driver and our Celics apple was made for the 75th birthday of a big celtics fan. We have designed a "Hello Kitty" apple, a "Pooh" apple, a baseball apple (it looked like a baseball), and many others.

If the birthday "BOY" or "GIRL" is hitting that magic mark "30", "40", "50", or even "100!!", we will make the day special with a custom designed apple for the event. We recently custom made an apple for a Sweet 16 party.

You don't need a specially designed apple, no problem. We will take any apple in our collection and add birthday topper, or customize a topper for it.

Tell us what you want and remember - "If we can't create it in a caramel apple it probably can't be done".

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